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Top 10 content on blogger

Top 10 content on blogger

what is a blogger ?

It is a blogging system owned by Google since 2003, where Blogger hosts blogs on the servers of, and the blog hosted on this hosting is known as a sub-domain of, and the blog can be hosted on a private domain that the user buys from one of the registration sites Domains or domains such as Godaddy and Namecheap.
But before you start creating a blog, you must choose a specific type of content that you will talk about in your blog.

 Here is a list of the top 10 content on Blogger to make high profits from Google Adsense

educational blog 

  • Educational blogs are among the best, most successful and most successful blogs that achieve visits and followers, and thus increase profits, because everyone wants to learn and everyone has a passion to increase and develop his knowledge. Also, people are looking for an expert person to learn about certain topics from, so the topic of education is one of the best and most successful areas of profit from blogs.

tech blog

  • Technical blogs are one of the most famous blogs in the Arab world. It is a very special field in terms of audience and profits. The technical field is very large and includes different fields (smart phones, computers, laptops, virtual reality, 3D printing, smart devices such as watches .... etc. ), but pay attention, choose only one technical field, then after mastering this field, you can move to another field.

health blog

  • Health is one of the most important things in life, and health services are among the most requested services, as health fields vary, such as the health of pregnant women, children's health, fetal health, chronic diseases such as diabetes and stress, psychological diseases and others. Also, health advertisements are very numerous, which makes this field very profitable and has a large audience, because health is the priority of every human being living on the face of the earth.

Blog about money and wealth

  • Money is one of the important things for every human being. We all want to become rich or rich one day. The demand for this field is very large, and advertisements are also very widely available. This field is very profitable, but the disadvantage of such profitable fields is that the competition for them is very high, so before I was born You and I were talking about money, what I want to say is that you will face fierce competition if you want to choose this field.

travel blog

  • Traveling is one of the most profitable fields, because it is always associated with spending money for needs, and this field has a lot of demand. Travel never stops around the world, but also this field is very competitive, as large and giant companies and large hotels pay a lot of money to compete in this profitable field.

Tourism blog

  • Tourism is one of the greatest fields, so everyone who searches for the possibility of tourism around the world is about to travel around the world for the purpose of tourism and self-entertainment, and he certainly has a willingness to spend a lot of money and the competition in this field is more intense than other areas because tourism is always linked to spending a lot of money

Create a public blog

  • Public blogs are the most profitable blogs because they deal with more than one topic and attract many and many visitors from different fields, where public blogs can achieve more than 300 thousand visits per month, which is reflected in the monthly profits, where the profits are not less than 3 thousand dollars per month According to the statements of many of the owners of such blogs, whether local, Arab or even international.

  • Public blogs are specialized in more than one topic and field, for example, sports, health, politics, technology, news, money and business, celebrity news, smartphones, the global economy and many more. It deals with all these topics on a daily and continuous basis, as it is necessary to follow up daily on the most important topics in the arena.

  • But the defect of public blogs is that they need to employ more than one blogger in various fields, at least 4 people, where the work is a lot and the number of events that must be covered is very large compared to other educational blogs, for example, or those specialized in one field such as cooking or health.

news blog

  • Usually, the news field is one of the areas that brings you thousands of visits daily because of new events every day, but the competition remains great because there are many sites and events that need to be covered.

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