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Get High CPM and Increase CPC in Google adsense

 Get High CPM and Increase CPC in Google adsense 

If you are a Blogger user and AdSense is the main source of your earnings, then you cannot ignore the importance of Google AdSense optimization. When we talk about Google AdSense optimization, there are many things, but the main goal is to get high CPM and increase CPC. Other than that, even though your CTR is good in Google AdSense, you may not make good profits. This is something familiar about a non-English blog. If you fall into the category of those Google AdSense publishers, who are getting a lot of traffic but still poor Google AdSense earnings, then it's time to understand the points mentioned below, this will definitely help to increase your AdSense CPC and total revenue.

You have to understand what is AdSense CPC ?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

What are the factors that affect the cost per click in Google AdSense?

Niche: First of all, choosing the right niche for your blog or website is extremely important. CPC or CPC for advertising directly depends on the topics you talk about in your blog. Let me make one thing clear here that there are domains that pay you a higher CPC than others.

yes! Here is a list of things that can give you high return, I have arranged them in descending order of cost per click.


  • Remember that you should always deal directly with reading. Your content should be tailored to your niche so that more and more readers can read your blogs. Hence, good content will surely guarantee higher Google AdSense CPC rates. Moreover, good content is what the search engine loves, and therefore more clicks and more revenues if your advertisement is largely targeted and your traffic is from countries such as Saudi states and the UAE. When doing keyword research, be sure to use the approx cost-per-click column.

Ban some ad categories

  • In Google AdSense you will find a lot of ad categories. You can go there and see for yourself how much each ad category is paying you. This will show you a different category of ads appearing on your website. If you find that any ad category is not paying much, feel free to block that category.

Primary law

  • Your blogs are read from different platforms like desktop, laptop, mobile etc. Although CPC is generally not affected much by the platforms on which ads are shown, you should do your best to target as many readers as possible. You'll get most reading devices from desktop and laptop computers.

The state

  • One of the most important factors that can increase your CPC is the country you're targeting. For example, a click on an ad from the United States can pay you as much as $2 to $3, and clicking on the same ad from Egypt can pay you only 20-30 cents.

Choose the appropriate advertising format

  • Perhaps I should have spelled out this suggestion at the beginning of the blog. Anyway, you should know how to choose the right format for your ad. If you can place three ads on a page, choose two 336 x 280 ads and one 468 x 60 ads.

keep experimenting

  • In conclusion, I would just like to tell you that if you follow and implement these tips, you can definitely increase your AdSense earnings from 30% to 40%. It is a completely legal and real way to increase your earnings in no time. You can also search for the highest CPC keywords in Google AdSense and group these words into one or two articles about them.

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