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Template Features | seo plus version v7

seo plus version v7

It is a multi-use blogger template designed to be compatible with different types of screens and all browsers ،and it was built that it does not contain any additional files to help the design to reach the largest possible speed and performance to be compatible with search engine optimization.

Template features:

 powerful control panel

  • The template comes with a complete control panel and contains the best features and places for advertisements, and it prevents you from using codes.

clean code

  • The SEO Plus template is free from programming errors, equipped with the latest meta tags, fast archiving, and high page loading speed.

Post-purchase services

  • There is free technical support, free premium updates, and there is a blog to support the template with optional features.

Visitor conversion page

  • It is a feature to convert the visitor to an internal waiting page, which is useful for maximizing the advertising revenue from Google Adsense.

Quick phone mode

  • The Seo Plus theme offers you a very fast placement for mobile phones, which is similar to the [AMP] system in WordPress.

Article display modes

  • The Seo Plus template offers you more than 9 different and attractive forms to display articles on the home page.

Read also feature

  • It is a feature that appears in the middle or the end of the article and is used to display other similar articles in order to keep the visitor for a longer period on your site.

Comments system

  • An advanced comment system that allows the visitor to comment with a link, image or video 


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