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Template Features | Squeeze

Squeeze template is a responsive, modern and advanced blogger template for multi-author and profit sharing blogs. It features a powerful and easy dashboard, multiple comment systems, new blogger pages, many important and useful scripts, free updates and free technical support for buyers.

Template features:

powerful control panel

  • It is easy to modify all elements of the template and choose an infinite number of colors

profit sharing system

  • Through it, each blog writer can have ad codes that appear in his topics only.

After-sales service

  • Free technical support and free updates


  • With all sizes of screens, phones and tablets, and a special model equipped for printing

clean code

  • Error-free, strong SEO, with the latest meta-codes and structuring, and high page loading speed

Copy blocking script

  • To limit the copying of the content of posts

Support https

  • Encrypted calling for free and paid domains

Comments system

  • Advanced support for the appearance of photos and videos

Theme split feature

  • The template supports the feature of dividing the topic into several parts easily using a short code

About the author

  • A tool to display a description of each writer and links to his accounts on social media

Page to view authors

  • A new page in Blogger that displays the blog's authors collectively or individually with all the topics of each author

Visitor conversion page

  • Automatically convert all external links to increase ad revenue

short codes

  • Ready to use in posts

hidden content code

  • A new code to add inside posts does not appear until after the topic is shared on social media 


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