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5 steps to improve click-through in Google AdSense

5 steps to improve click-through in Google AdSense

Are you facing problems with the click-through rate in Google AdSense ?

Today, we will talk about 5 steps to improve the click-through rate in Google AdSense, and we will learn about the most important reasons that lead to a low click-through rate. 

What is the click-through rate ?

  •   It is the percentage of ad impressions that lead to a click on the ad.

What are the reasons for the low click-through rate ?

  •   Unoptimized website design
  •   Bad targeting process

What are the five steps to improve the click-through rate in Google AdSense ?

1: learn more about the possibility of display and active display

What is the viewable active display ratio ?
  • It's a useful metric to know how many ads visitors have seen

2: you have to compare the platforms in the reports (mobile phones - computers)
  • Different devices used to access your website may lead to different revenue indicators
  • When analyzing the reports, click on “Platforms” to understand the reasons why lower profits may indicate
  • Only mobile devices can lead to poor ad design, and it should be noted that changing the layout of your site
  • It may also affect your CTR
  • So make sure your website is optimized for ads on mobile devices
  • With the constant switch to responsive ad units, you can also compare ad units within specific platforms by adding the platforms as a secondary criterion in the reports, which will provide you with additional insights

3: check the confirmed click ?
  • Significantly higher CTR on mobile devices may mean that your site is affected by the confirmed click (unintended click). It allows the user to confirm their desire to visit the advertised page.

4: review the design of your ads
  • Review the recent changes in the ad sites, with your five most important ad units, also check the ad code, especially if you have modified it, because this may affect the way ads are served and thus earnings.

5: check for crawler errors
  • If the AdSense crawler is not able to crawl your website, AdSense will not be able to match the ads related to your pages.

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