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Explanation of how to download SHAREIT for PC and mobile

Explanation of how to download SHAREIT for PC and mobile

Many people are looking for a way to download the Shareware program for the computer and phone, which is very common among lovers of programs and distinctive technologies, which are important for everyone who wants to share files between him and other people quickly, as well as between the phone and the computer. 

- Therefore, today I will present to you the way to download the Shareit program for the computer, Android and iPhone with the method of using the program with ease to transfer files between your computer and your smart phone, whether it contains Android or IOS for free and without paying any additional fees or even relying on the phone cable Transfer files to computer.

- SHAREIT is one of the best file transfer programs ever, as it can transfer files of any size very quickly between different devices without the need to connect the cable to any of your devices.
Also, the program can easily transfer files between IOS and Android devices, as if you are using Bluetooth technology for example.

Features of Download Share File Sharing Program for PC and Mobile  2022

If you are wondering about the benefit of the SHAREIT program, these lines will tell you everything that the SHAREIT program can do, and how you can make the most of the program. Shareit thus:

Advantages of downloading Shareit for PC Shareit

File sharing
  • The main function of SHAREIT is to transfer files or exchange files at a very high speed, where you can send and receive all types of files of various sizes from other phones and at a very fast speed that may sometimes reach 100 megabytes per second, as well as you can send more than one file at the same time .
  •  For example, you can send up to 450 photos together at the same time, and the other party will receive it automatically without the need to agree on each new photo separately. Operating systems.

Connecting with a computer
  • If you want a quick way to connect your phone to the computer to exchange files between the computer and the phone easily, then your suitable option is the Share program, which is one of the free programs that enables you to transfer all kinds of files from your phone to the computer and vice versa through a wireless connection to the computer.

Memory improvement
  • In the latest update of the SHAREIT program, the developer provided it with some additional tools that users usually need, and the most important of these tools is the junk file cleaning tool or the trash.
  • Where many users forget the files that were sent to them such as applications after installing them and remain stuck in the memory and take up space unnecessarily, so this tool checks all these files and determines which of them are of no use to your phone so that you can then clean these wastes and get more storage space.

Update games and apps feature
  • If you connect to the Internet through limited internet packages, then it is certain that you cannot update applications, programs and games, because they consume a lot of Internet data.
  • Therefore, the Share application provides you with the ability to update your applications in one go by connecting the Share program on your device to any other phone with updated applications, and the program will tell you that there are new versions of the programs and applications that are on your phone.
  • The share program will then allow you to update your applications via this phone, and thus get the new updates without having to download them.

There are many other advantages

  • From time to time SHAREIT for phone and computer also provides some nice features
  • For example, you may find that the program suggests to you some special applications and games as well, in addition to some new programs that Shareit is developing and invites you to use them and many other special things.

SHAREIT for PC and how to download the program

  •  If you own a computer or laptop with a Windows operating system such as (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11), you can now download Shareit for PC with a direct and free link.

Because Share It is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems, the computer version of Shirt is fast and light.

  • As you will not face any problems if you run the program with many other programs running at the same time thanks to its small size that does not consume a lot of device resources.
  • The computer version comes with a very simple and easy-to-use interface, and as soon as you open the program, it will guide you on how to use it through pop-up messages that appear to you. Install it to get the best possible performance.

Download the latest version of SHAREit for PC "Click here"

How to download SHAREit for the phone (Android - iPhone - iPad)

  • The Share app for the phone can also be used by downloading it and then using it for file sharing by connecting two devices to an offline Wi-Fi network.
  • Many users of Android devices like to share files in an offline way through some technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and of course each method has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • For example, via Bluetooth, you will not need a sophisticated device, nor will you need to download a specialized application to share files, and all you have to do is connect the two devices to each other and then share files.
  • But at the same time, you will need to wait for a long time, as the transfer of files takes place very slowly, and if the size of the files is large, this needs a time that may reach several hours.
  • As for transferring files through the Sharet application, you can transfer files in less time and completely smoothly between devices that may not be compatible with the system, such as Android and iPhone devices.

You can download the Sherat app for Android and iPhone through the links below

Download SHAREIT for Android with a direct link "Click here"

Download SHAREIT for Android from the Play Store "Click here"

SHAREIT program for iPhone, iPad and IOS devices from the App Store "Click here"

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