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1 latest phone | The new Nothing phone (1) price and specifications


The new Nothing phone (1) price and specifications

Carl Bay has been saying that technology is boring and that nothing's mission is to make technology exciting again. With the launch of Nothing phone (1), the biggest part of Nothing's plan is falling into place.

But is the phone unique? Isn't this the same as any other mid-range Android smartphone?

Features of the new Nothing phone (1) ?

transparent back

The phone comes with a transparent back, which is Gorilla Glass 5 (as is the case on the front screen). This means that you can see some of the phone's work through the back. Nothing had to take into account the overall design to make sure there was something to see - and there are textures and elements visible under the glass that you'll never see on any other phone.

 Glyph interface

The phone comes with a Glyph front and the transparent back on the front of the Glyph - the backlight system - helps with that, but it could have been done without the transparency. The Glyph interface uses LED strips to alert you to different things — like notifications, charging, or the Google Assistant — but it can also act as a fill-in light for the camera. We've seen background screens on gaming phones before, but nothing like that - it definitely makes the phone stand out from the crowd.


Sure, you don't buy the phone for the sake of packaging, but if you want to draw attention, design what your phone comes with. With a multitude of elegant tattered strips on the slim packaging, there is an excellent feeling of opening the packaging experience that contrasts with the affordable price of this phone.

 Quick setup

If you've been using Android phones for any length of time, you'll know that quick settings are a great thing. Except when you leave open more menus to turn off Wi-Fi, because Google decided to move the quick setting. There is no user interface that provides fast switching of mobile data, Wi-Fi and hotspot. Very simple, but very useful.

 Buying one can be expensive

Usually when you want to buy a new phone, you just go out and buy it. Nothing wants you to jump through hoops. First, if you are in the US or Canada, they will not be sold to you. why? Because it costs a huge amount to launch the devices in the US. But this is just the beginning. There will be an invite system for pre-orders, so you will have to join the waiting list. But it will hit open sales on July 21, 2022 (in the UK) and with a number of retailers it will be easier to get one. 

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