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Google Wallet is now available on Google Play

Google Wallet is now available on Google Play

Google has officially announced the launch of its own electronic wallet application, Google Wallet, to all its customers globally, shortly after it was launched for users in 39 countries.

 what's new ?

The official launch of Google Wallet is the latest step in the long history of Google's payment applications, as the American tech giant combined the features of Google Wallet and Android Pay in 2018, to create Google Pay.

What is Google Pay?

It is a single application that includes a one-click payment service, provided by Google with many other advantages under one umbrella that works across the Android system and Chrome browser.

But in 2020, Google Pay had a major update to the app to attract peer-to-peer payments, deals, and other services, and now, Google has announced the relaunch of its Wallet at this year's developer event Google I/O, where the company has dedicated different tabs to cards. Payment, airline tickets, government IDs, proof of receipt of the new Corona vaccine, as well as a feature dedicated to car keys.

Google Wallet users around the world will be able to use the Google Wallet app to pay at partner sellers where Google Pay is accepted.

Primary law

For now, Google Wallet is available for download via the Google Play Store, and the app will be compatible with devices running Android 5.2 or later.

What are the basic conditions for owning a wallet in Google?

Users are required to have a Google account to subscribe to the service and a valid US phone number, and US users will start adding different cards to Google Wallet, and they can add a card connected to the Google Play Store or YouTube.

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