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Amazon sued some Facebook groups for selling counterfeit products

Amazon has filed a lawsuit against Facebook group administrators who allegedly brokered fake reviews.

- And the American “CNBC” news network indicated that Amazon has filed a lawsuit against more than 10,000 groups on the Facebook platform, including a group called “Amazon Product Review”, which has more than 43,000 members.

Fake reviews have become a growing problem for Amazon as the third-party marketplace has grown to include millions of sellers.

What is the solution ?

Meta, which owns Facebook, has removed half of the groups referring to the more than 10,000 groups that Amazon flagged and continues to investigate the activities of others. Although the market makes huge profits from its cooperation with external sellers; However, it has become increasingly difficult for the company to control the activities of millions of merchants; who display merchandise on their site and do not disdain fraud in ratings through the participation of fake buyers.

she said amazon

The company has internal teams that work closely with Facebook to identify and remove these middlemen. However, related groups are not thinking about demise; With many of them using their own mechanisms to protect themselves from detection by Facebook and Amazon bots.

Amazon previously stated that it uses a combination of machine learning algorithms and traditional moderators to remove fake reviews.

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