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Does Tik Tok steal user data ? Tik Tok is banned in the United States


Does Tik Tok steal user data ?

Between the United States and the Chinese TikTok platform, a long saga coincides with the ban imposed on the technology giant Huawei from American companies, as the administration of former US President Donald Trump issued a decision to ban the Chinese company during the year 2019, followed shortly by a ban from using The Chinese application in the country in the year 2020, after it expressed its fears that China would use the application of short videos to spy on American citizens, as suspicions of espionage did not disappear even before the lifting of this penalty by his current successor, "Joe Biden".

Since its launch, the TikTok platform has been subjected to a lot of criticism regarding the data it collects from users of the application, especially from children, and according to "gizchina", these doubts prompted FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr; Recently, Google and Apple were asked to delete the Tik Tok app from the Play Store and App Store, due to concerns about the famous Chinese app's exploitation of the data of American citizens.

FCC commissioner contacts Apple and Google about deleting Tik Tok app just for odds

  • This message comes in a stormy context for the Chinese social network; After digital technology news company Buzzfeed conducted an investigation into TikTok's use of its users' data, after analyzing 80 audio recordings of internal meetings at TikTok, Buzzfeed's investigation revealed that the social platform had repeatedly accessed confidential information from its American users.

  • In his letter, Brendan Carr referred to "disturbing evidence and decisions about TikTok's data handling practices," referring in particular to a study that demonstrates that the app can circumvent security measures for Android and iOS, believing that such practices may pose a risk. Unacceptable to US national security, due to extensive data collection; It is combined with Beijing's unrestricted access to this sensitive data."

Is this just allegations ?

  • Brendan Carr has given Google and Apple until July 8 to remove TikTok from their stores, and if you don't, they should explain their refusal to comply with this request, and apparently these allegations and accusations are only from Brendan, and no other member of the FCC is participating. US in these allegations.

  • At the same time, the Chinese company ByteDance, the owner of the Tik Tok platform, denied these allegations, and confirmed that it was taking all security steps to prevent its employees from accessing any of the user’s data on the platform, and explained that the data of its users in the United States is saved on Oracle’s servers inside the country, And that it always seeks to protect the data of its users, and that all the accusations against it of spying on Americans are not just false and unfounded allegations. 

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