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Dying Light 2 Stay Human shines with superior image quality with NVIDIA ray tracing and DLSS technologies

NVIDIA ray tracing and DLSS technologies

Surviving danger needs the best tools, but what about surviving in an exciting game like Dying Light 2 Stay Human? In-game tools and utilities will probably be needed to get a great experience and effectiveness. So maybe Nvidia’s ray tracing and DLSS are the perfect tools for this, so how?

Enhance your immersive gaming experience with DLSS

  • Perhaps in-game tools and aids will be needed to get an exciting and effective experience. So, Invidia's radiology and DLSS tracking techniques may be the perfect tools for this purpose, so how is that?
  • Experiments indicate that the best experience a game can get through geForce RTX processor-supporting computers thanks to its artificial intelligence with DLSS and x-ray tracking technologies, showing it as very realistic compared to anywhere else.

  • DLSS, which is short for high-resolution modeling based on deep learning techniques, helps you get a faster gaming experience to give extra details with each split second to players without affecting image quality, helping to increase the number of frames per second while maintaining the same accuracy and enjoying radiology tracking technology on Invidia RTX processors.

  • This technology, supported by radiology tracking, helps give images perfect clarity while showing all the fine details and microlines that give the gaming experience a different curve because of the sheer size of the details; The details of all the objects will be as clear as we can see in the clothes of Killian, one of the game's main characters, as the details of his clothes appear closer to the truth.

  • This and the extreme accuracy of the game show may not have been seen without DLSS technology or Invidia's efforts to make the gaming experience unmistakable.

  • When playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human, for example with such accuracy and very high clarity, all details may help improve the results of the game, accuracy will help to see objects faster and clearer than usual, one of the zombies standing in a dark place may not appear clearly to take the player cautiously normally, but with this technique his vision will be very possible, and this applies to various situations.

Radiology tracking and a new world

Radiology tracking technology helps improve all the details within the image, thanks to its reliance on exploiting lighting in a different way than before, players will find that everything that appears on the screen has a different meaning, the clarity and accuracy of characters and objects are close to reality, and shadows and reflections have become real and not inside a video game.

When the player stands somewhere inside the game, the scene that appears in front of him during daylight seems closer to a picture than a real place thanks to the reflections of sunlight and shadows resulting from objects in the place as seen in the pictures with Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which we see varying at various times of the day as if it represents a reality of the movement of the sun from sunset to sunrise where reflection trends change with the lighting of the sun and its place.

  • Thanks to radiology tracking technology, games on INVIDIA RTX graphics processors will not be passing games, as they will be closer to a real experience of navigating different places motionless than a playchair, as if it were an optional film.
  • Radiology and DLSS technologies may be a huge leap for players to get an immersive gaming experience like no other, but at the same time they add huge capabilities to those looking for hard and hard work laptops or computers with very powerful equipment, providing the perfect experience for students at all stages and extending with them for many years as devices supporting RTX processors supporting these technologies carry powerful equipment that can last for years with the same power.
  • This technology also helps professionals such as designers, programmers, producers, engineers, filmmakers, content, researchers and other people.
  • What is particularly characteristic of these devices is that they can be used for years and do not need to be replaced as with devices with poor gear, because for the next 5 years these devices will often remain competitive in performance.

GeForce RTX hardware:

  • These processors are available with different options on the computer with powerful hardware, Intel or AMD processors from the top of brands and hundreds of designs, as well as dozens of options with special laptops with slim and light designs thanks to the Max-Q series that Invidia is developing with hardware manufacturers to provide great capabilities without making devices of large sizes to contribute to carrying them anywhere and enjoying them.
  • They can also be used to perform any other task that has been carried out while ensuring very high efficiency and speed.

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